VCMx Exchange Inc.

International Knowledge and Trade Station

VCMx Exchange Inc. operates as the electronic knowledge and trade relationship maker for value-add products and services in a very large digital marketplace. The exchange is the market coordinator and verification service provider for registered VCMx exchange buyers, sellers and trade service providers.

The IKTS is the member owned and governed negotiable digital trade station.

By facilitating buyers and seller’s access to online identity preserved (branded) products, and quality attributes, and digitally securing the member participants, products and the services transactions, the inherent value of the trade can be captured, enhancing transactional margins and secured market making for buyers, sellers and trade service providers alike.

As VCMx members see the economic opportunity, there will be incentives to shift from undifferentiated commodities to value-add products and services, “Building and Managing Digital Value Chains".

These features and benefits will be of major importance in attracting, securing and servicing new types of global business and value chain management services, Digital Value Chain Management.

The VCMx Exchange provides the trade governance, product and participant verification, transactional assurance, and market making coordination for all its members in a growing and changing digital economy.

International digital value chain exchange business model (IKTS/VCMx)


existing online platforms

Digitalization has changed the lives of consumers and business around the world.

Digitalization makes it easier for International buyers/sellers and trade service providers to access and process information, potentially increases choice and competition, and encourages economic innovation.

More than half of the world’s population still does not have access to the Internet, and many consumers fear that their personal information might be misused or that they might become victims of online fraud.

These barriers and fears constitute a significant impediment for the further development of the international digital economy: When participants mistrust businesses, they are discouragedfrom using new digital products and services.

Hence, growth on the supply-side of the digital market presupposes consumer trust on the demand-side of the market. “Building and Managing International Digital Value Chains”

FunctionalityVerified Digital Value Chain Exchange IKTS/VCMxOnline Transactional Platform
(EBay, Alibaba, Jumore)
International Digital Exchange Governance Operational rules and oversight by IKTS/VCMx member governance body and international digital exchange policy Operational protocols set by platform owner/operator
  • High degree of participant and product/services verification set by exchange member policy protocols
  • IKTS/VCMx member-only access and verification
  • Limited participant verification
  • Products and services verification limited to brand identity
  • Open access
Data Security High levels of member data security, set by IKTS/VCMx governance body and continuously monitored by International digital exchange transactional compliance protocols Transactional security limited to platform owner/operator software and server protocols
Data Flows Restricted to IKTS/VCMx members and related IKTS/VCMx policy bodies Accessed by platform
owner/operator software and server protocols
Privacy/Data Ownership And Restrictive Business Practices
  • Digital exchange member and competition law and policy enforced
  • Secured transparent exchange competition
  • Secured digital exchange negotiation portals and value add protocols
  • Member owned and governed data flows
  • Permission access and competition policy by platform owner/operator software and server protocols
  • Less secured
  • Data ownership defined by platform operator
Dispute Resolution and Compliance
  • Exchange defined and enforced
  • Electronic digital policing and mandatory insurability
Not included
Economic Interests Member-defined, owned, and operated, standard form international contracts
  • Platform owner defined
  • Diverse domestic and international contracts
Product Safety and Liability
  • Governed and enforced liability protocols
  • Mandatory insurance coverage
Information and Transparency
  • Transparent exchange competition
  • Online secured negotiation interface
  • Multi-sided participation
  • Competitive /transparent communications
Bid/offer system unsecured and often non-negotiable
Payment Security Member payment protocols established by digital exchange governance Platform defined
Education and Awareness Member exchange education protocols established by exchange governance for member qualification by user level No requirements
Economic Multiplier International digital value chains Fragmented supply chains
  • Continuous improvement, member-driven international digital governance, education, technology, and policy protocols
  • Product and process digital policy (domestic and international economic value chains)
Platform driven

Global access to secure, trustworthy, and high-quality ICT infrastructure as a horizontal enabler is an absolutely necessity to further digitalization across multi-sided industry sectors and to tap into the related potential of developing and emerging countries and enable comprehensive international trade agreements.