VCMx Digital Trade Governance

As the use of online digital platforms continues to grow, the collecting of information about every aspect of human behaviour and decision-making provides tremendous economic power.

There was a time that oil companies dominated the globe, but "black gold" is no longer the world's most valuable resource — it's been surpassed by “Data”.

Digitization necessitates increasing responsibility — and jurisdictions are struggling with how to contain, regulate and protect all those ones and zeros.

VCMx Exchange Governance is tasked to establish “standard form trading protocols” for all of its members and enable trusted digital trade relationships to intervene effectively"— with which to level the economic data playing field

And very simple interventions can help enormously — for example blockchain verification of VCMx members, products and services which facilitates the IKTS/VCMx knowledge and trade station to transfer knowledge and value chain equity earned for its members.

When data is stored on the member owned IKTS/VCMx blockchain, it's a lot easier to verify its uses and create trust and greatly reduce the costly and time-consuming intermediation of existing international trade protocols.

VCMx Digital Trade Governance to create and enforce rules, policy and guidance concerning matters of privacy, transparency, inclusivity, accessibility, and inequality before they become systemic problems.